April 27, 2010

Card Show Booty!! Day #1

Like I promised....

I went to the monthly card show this past weekend. Since Topps is the only producer of Baseball cards and there is no new product to explore, it was pretty slow. However, it was pretty good to me!! I was able to find a bunch of cards to fill in my Tigers sets.

Time was limited, I had to get home and take my step-son to a birthday party but I found most of my cards on this day. I stopped at the first table and he had a binder of 1970 Tigers. I found 4 cards I needed and they were a buck each (hey!!! you can't go wrong for a buck!) So I picked up an Ed Brinkman, Billy Martin, Mike Kilkenny and a Rookie Stars card with Larrin LaGrow & Gene Lamont.

Feeling good...I moved on to another table and.....I hit the jackpot (or at least to me)!!! This guy had some boxes of 70's Tigers for .25 & .50!!! When you see the sign you automatically think the card conditions are going to be crummy...but not this table!! All the cards I picked up had NO creases, sharp color and excellent corners. I found 21 1975 cards including NINE mini's!! All for no more than fifty cents (5 cards), most were a quarter!!

I was also able to complete my 1977 Tigers set finding the 5 cards I was missing. For the same low price of a quarter each.

That was day #1! I was so excited, I could hardly wait for the next day!!

April 24, 2010

Card Show!!!

Going to the monthly card show today with my step-son and wife...yes my wife does enjoy the occasional card show every once in awhile. As long as I buy her a Carlos Guillen card. Hopefully I can find some Tigers cards I need to complete the sets I'm working on.

I will post the results later....gotta go!!

April 16, 2010

Unsolicited package in the mail!

First I would like to apologize for not updating my blog as often as I would like. I've been so busy with work, between FedEx and Comerica Park, that it seems like I barely have enough time to sleep. I will try to be better about the updates.

I came home this morning, after having breakfast with my dad, to the mail-lady walking up to the house. As she was getting my mail ready she reached into her bag and pulled out a thick manila envelop. I started thinking that I didn't buy anything off of ebay that would be so thick. When she gave me the the envelop I checked the return address and it was from Greg over at Night Owl Cards. What a pleasant surprise!!! Greg was kind enough to send 50+ Tigers cards, most I needed to fill in some gaps in my Tigers team sets from 1965 - present.

Here's a few of the cards Greg sent.....

This one was a nice surprise because believe it or not, I needed this one, the one I have is autographed and was never replaced.

Always nice to get some Topps Finest!!! Now, introducing the Tigers new 1st base coach....

This card is going on the road with me this summer to get autographed!! Tommy Brookens has to be one of the top 3 third-baseman's I have seen play wearing the ole' English D!! The other 2 are, Aurelio Rodriguez and Brandon Inge.

I am always up for making trades, just let me know your favorite team, players or want lists and I'll see what I have available. Thanks again Greg!!

April 1, 2010

Trade....and a CONTEST!!!

Well I didn't make the trade on the Topps Million Card giveaway. I get a lot of requests for my '69 Stargill, I'm hoping to get something that would fill something off of my want list. I have made several trades to get cards I need, so this trading venue has been pretty good. I have made some trades with some of you guys out in the blogosphere and I will post the results later. Sorry for the delay.

Contest...Grand Cards is having a contest to reduce his Curtis Granderson collection. Check it out!! He has an Awesome collection, but hurry the contest closes today @ 5:00pm.

That's all folks!!