March 20, 2010

Topps Million Card Trade!

Someone offered my a trade of a 1955 Harold (Hal) Smith for my 1969 Willie Stargell. I went to a couple of sites selling cards and both cards are selling for the same price.

What do you guys think??? Should I accept or decline the trade??

March 8, 2010

My First Relic Cards!!

I just started re-collecting baseball cards in 2005 after almost a 20 year hiatus. I think I stopped collecting around 1987-88 when there was a ba-zillion different card companies producing cards.

Anyway.....I am a partial season ticket holder for the Detroit Tigers and in 2005 we hosted the All-Star game. This being my first AS game I was going to soak up ALL the festivities that I could including Fan-Fest. The big 3 card companies were there and they were giving away relic cards of 3 current Tigers as well as other cards. I think there were 12 cards in all given away. But....RELIC CARDS!?!?? I'm thinking to myself, "They make cards with pieces of the players jersey in them?!?" The hobby sure has changed since the last time I bought baseball cards! However, to get the relic cards, you needed to redeem 5 wrappers of baseball cards from each company. So off I go to find the cards I needed to buy to get the relic cards. I buy my cards for each company and I open them. I don't remember which cards I bought for Topps and Upper Deck, but I bought 5 packs of Absolute Memorabilia. When I bought them, the vendor had told me that there was still a hit left in the box. A "hit", what's that?? So, I pick my packs and I happened to find the "hit" left in the box. This is what I found.....

I was so excited I went back to the table that I purchased them from and showed him. Unfortunately, I showed him while he was telling another person that no one has informed him about the remaining hit in the box was found so I think I blew a sale for him. Oops! You have to remember, I was just getting back into the hobby so I was still green.

On to the giveaway cards.....
My first stop was the Topps table. I give the guy my wrappers and he hands me....

On to Upper Deck and I get.....

And lastly from Donruss....

I was hooked! Not bad for being out of the hobby for almost 20 years!

Tell me about your first relic card....if you can remember.

March 2, 2010

Bring On The 80's!!

If you still have redemption codes for the Million Card Giveaway, the website has been showing nothing but '80's cards being unlocked. So, if you have any codes to redeem like I do, it looks like we'll be waiting until some older cards are consistently being unlocked before we try our luck.

On another note....

I've been in the process of posting a Want List on my site. Currently I'm trying to collect Tigers Topps sets from 1965 until present. While trying to figure out what cards I would need for each year, I came across this website - Team Sets 4 U. Who knows how long it must have taken to put this together. I know I'm grateful for his/her/their work!!! Check it out!!!

March 1, 2010

Mail Day.....

I recently sent some cards to Night Owl to help him complete his 2010 Topps 1 set. In return he sent me some Tigers cards. Most of them I did not have so I was very excited when I opened them, including 10 of the 13/14 cards needed to complete the 2010 Topps Tigers set. I already have one but I'm going to complete one for my step-son. Here is a sample of the cards.....

I had this card at one time but my step-son wanted it, so I gave it to him. I was glad to see this card again.

Rick Porcello.....what more can I say! Between him and Verlander, the Tigers should have an excellent pitching foundation to continue to build around.

2010 Upper Deck Fu-Te Ni...I won't be completing this set but I like Ni on our pitching staff!

2007 Upper Deck Nate Robertson. I WILL be trying to complete this team set. I've noticed alot of the Tigers cards, the pictures were taken during the playoffs. All the cards are in excellent shape! Thanks again to Greg over @ Night Owl for sending me these cards. I am in the process of creating a want list and am willing to trade cards. That's it for now!!!