June 28, 2010

Mail Day!!

It's been awhile since my last post, sorry folks!! I transferred to a new location at work and I've been pretty busy with training. But anyways....I sent some cards over to Larry at Emerald City Diamond Gems. He had a post requesting some 2010 Topps Series 2 cards. If I remember correctly, he wanted to try and complete the set by the generosity of the blog-o-sphere, so I sent him some. In return, he sent me about 200 Detroit Tigers cards!!! It was WAY more than I expected. The cards he sent spanned 5 decades, not to mention some almost complete sets of some years!! Larry really went above and beyond! Here are only a few of the cards he sent.

1961 Don Wert, this was one of two '61s he sent. I now have 3!! The '76 Willie Horton(my 2nd favorite Tiger while growing up) and the '79 John Hiller are from 2 of the almost complete sets he sent. 1982 Alan Trammell, I just love the card pictures taken at old Tiger Stadium! 1991 Darnell Coles and 2009 Justin Verlander U&H.

Many of the cards I didn't have and some I did. To me, you can never have enough cards of your favorite team!! Thanks again Larry and I'll be getting another package out to you soon!