February 23, 2010

What's wrong with this card???

I purchased a box of 2010 Topps on the bay a couple of weeks ago. When I got them in the mail, I was excited as always when I get new baseball cards. I opened them up and I really liked the design and the action shots of the cards. Then I saw this one....now I'm not a big fan of pictures of the backs of players but I thought this one was a little ridiculous. WHO is this guy?????

You can't see his face OR even read his name on his jersey. The only way to know who this guy is is by looking at the name on the card and I'm hoping Topps even got it right!! I think they could have used a different picture!! I continued to open the rest of the packs and put them in order as I open each pack. I find it easier to sort them this way and I open the hit pack last. This is what I pulled from this box.....

Being a Tigers fan, I was stoked!!! I immediately went online to check out the odds of pulling one of these bad boys...1 per Hobby box! SWEET!!! After all...there are some good guys out on the bay that are not busting boxes to find case hits and sell the rest. After adding the cards from the 6-7 packs I bought at Target I was short 49 cards to complete the set. Luckily there was going to be a card show Valentine's weekend. So, I went on Saturday and found the cards I was missing and we bought a box for my step-son as well. Of course we had to go back Sunday to complete his set. Of course I have some doubles and I sent some to Night Owl to help him try and complete his set.

I like Topps, I've always liked Topps because that's all there was when I was a kid.

Oh by the way.....the card at the top is Scott Kazmir.

February 17, 2010

Mail Day!

As you know, I'm a huge Tigers fan so I'm always looking around for Tigers cards. I bought some cards on ebay last week and they are starting to come in the mail. I received the first of them yesterday. They are all Verlander Jersey cards so I was really excited to get them in my hands.

Here's the first one.....

I really like these specialty jersey cards. When I busted my box of 2007 Topps U&H, I'm always hoping for a Tigers jersey or autograph card but I got a Manny Ramirez jersey instead. I was still happy.

Card #2....

I busted 2 boxes of these and I only got 1 autograph card but I did get some NICE jersey cards, including a multi-patch card. I'll post some of these cards later. Now for card #3....

When I saw this card I HAD to have it!!! It highlights his No-Hitter he threw against Milwaukee. Funny thing about this card and game is that I had tickets to this game (I'm a partial season ticket holder) I couldn't make it so I gave them away and wouldn't you know it.... I miss History!! You can only imagine how my wife and I felt. But.... I've seen some great games in my life and I can only hope there is another Tigers no-hitter!

Until next time.......

February 16, 2010

What I got with my Million Card giveaway codes!

Not to sound like a broken record...but boy did it take a looonng time to be able to enter my codes to see which cards I won. I had 18 code cards and I was excited to see how this was going to work. I finally was able to get on about 9:30pm and my first card was.....

yippee!!!! just what i need...another '80s card. So I proceeded to enter the rest of my codes...

2. '04 Bengie Molina
3. '06 Rickie Weeks
4. '87 Wade Boggs (ok...a HOFr but not exactly what I was hoping for)
5. '93 Wil Cordero
6. '65 Turk Farrell (Vintage!!!! now we're talkin"!!!) then back to reality....
7. '87 Phillies Leaders
8. '87 Donnie Moore (I'm seeing a trend here and I'm not likin' it!!)
9. '93 Joe Boever
10. '87 Duane Ward
11. '81 Alan Trammell (SWEET!!! A Tiger!!)

I decided to stop for the night since I had to get up for work @ 3:30am. After I woke up I went back and logged on (how many people are going to be up inputting codes at that time) to finish the rest of my codes.

12. '88 Craig Lefferts (her we go again....more '80s cards!!)
13. '71 Roy Foster (not bad!!)
14. '69 Willie Stargell (Vintage card of a HOFr...yea!!)

15. '87 Robin Yount (Hmm...my 5th 1987 card!)
16. '87 Mike Schmidt (ANOTHER ONE!!!!) at least these last 2 are HOFr's
17. '76 Bobby Grich and last but least......
18. '94 Denis Boucher

I think I did ok, considering I got 6 cards from 1987. I got 4 cards dated pre 1980, 4 HOFr's (Stargell, Schmidt, Yount and Boggs) and 1, in my opinion, that should be in the HOF (Trammell).

What do you think??

February 15, 2010

Million Card Giveaway....What's up?!??!?

As we all know Topps is giving away some 1,000,000 cards by placing a code card in 1 out of every 6 packs. All you have to do is go to their special website, www.toppsmillion.com on 2/15/10 (today) and enter the code to see which card you will receive. Simple...right?!!??! Well, I get to the website and nothing!! NO box to enter the code....NO update if the site is down.....NOTHING!! So I started checking some of the other blogs I follow and Night Owl Cards had the same problem. Only he encountered it @ 3:30am, its now 9:15am! What's UP!?!??!? I have 18 code cards to enter and I would like to know which cards I'm going to get. I would really like to get a 1969 Aurelio Rodriguez...you know the one with a picture of the batboy instead of Rodriguez.

I guess I'll have to be patient and wait until the site is operating correctly. Good luck to all that have code cards and I look forward to reading what everyone got.

I'm Back!!! and I'm Sorry for the hiatus!

Hi Folks!

It's been almost a year since my last post and I apologize for that. Things just haven't been the same around here but I have decided to dedicate more time to my blog. Baseball season is ready to start and I am EXCITED!! Even though the Tigers traded Granderson and Edwin Jackson this past off season. Anyways.....more on the Tigers to come later.

I bought some 2010 Topps Hobby and blaster boxes and I'll be writing about them soon. Thanks for reading.

I'm Back!!!