September 13, 2010

Completed page....sort of!!

It's a complete page but it's not in any kind of order. This page has been in one of my binders for years. Willie Horton was one of my favorite players since I was a kid, him and Aurelio Rodriguez. I don't recall how or why I put this page together but, every time I look at it, I think it's AWESOME!! To me...I don't think the cards need to be rearranged. It shows a mixture of Willie throughout the years, not just in year order. It's hard to say which one is my favorite of this page. I like the '72 design the most. I also think that the '76 design is nice also but it looks like Willie just stuck out. Anyway....I like them all and I thought I would share this page with everyone.


September 12, 2010

Topps Million Cards To Be Shipped

It's been over a month since my last post and I apologize. Things have been pretty busy around here and my card purchases have slowed down. I've been obsessed with making trade offers on the Topps MCG site and one of my latest trade offers has been accepted. So, I thought it was time to have some of my cards shipped to me. I put in a request to receive 22 of them and I should have them within 9-12 business days. I'm excited to see what kind of condition they are in. They range from a 1958 Ray Boone to a 2003 Bobby Higginson. Yes, all the cards I requested are Detroit Tigers!!! I still have 25 cards in my collection including the '69 Stargell I wrote about earlier. I'm hoping to turn them into more Tigers cards I need to fill some gaps in my team sets. As soon as I get the cards in, I'll let everyone know how they are.

Has anyone received their cards from Topps and were you satisfied? Let me know!