February 16, 2010

What I got with my Million Card giveaway codes!

Not to sound like a broken record...but boy did it take a looonng time to be able to enter my codes to see which cards I won. I had 18 code cards and I was excited to see how this was going to work. I finally was able to get on about 9:30pm and my first card was.....

yippee!!!! just what i need...another '80s card. So I proceeded to enter the rest of my codes...

2. '04 Bengie Molina
3. '06 Rickie Weeks
4. '87 Wade Boggs (ok...a HOFr but not exactly what I was hoping for)
5. '93 Wil Cordero
6. '65 Turk Farrell (Vintage!!!! now we're talkin"!!!) then back to reality....
7. '87 Phillies Leaders
8. '87 Donnie Moore (I'm seeing a trend here and I'm not likin' it!!)
9. '93 Joe Boever
10. '87 Duane Ward
11. '81 Alan Trammell (SWEET!!! A Tiger!!)

I decided to stop for the night since I had to get up for work @ 3:30am. After I woke up I went back and logged on (how many people are going to be up inputting codes at that time) to finish the rest of my codes.

12. '88 Craig Lefferts (her we go again....more '80s cards!!)
13. '71 Roy Foster (not bad!!)
14. '69 Willie Stargell (Vintage card of a HOFr...yea!!)

15. '87 Robin Yount (Hmm...my 5th 1987 card!)
16. '87 Mike Schmidt (ANOTHER ONE!!!!) at least these last 2 are HOFr's
17. '76 Bobby Grich and last but least......
18. '94 Denis Boucher

I think I did ok, considering I got 6 cards from 1987. I got 4 cards dated pre 1980, 4 HOFr's (Stargell, Schmidt, Yount and Boggs) and 1, in my opinion, that should be in the HOF (Trammell).

What do you think??

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  1. Nice Stargell. I got that same Trammell card. I also got four cards from 1972 and earlier.