February 15, 2010

Million Card Giveaway....What's up?!??!?

As we all know Topps is giving away some 1,000,000 cards by placing a code card in 1 out of every 6 packs. All you have to do is go to their special website, www.toppsmillion.com on 2/15/10 (today) and enter the code to see which card you will receive. Simple...right?!!??! Well, I get to the website and nothing!! NO box to enter the code....NO update if the site is down.....NOTHING!! So I started checking some of the other blogs I follow and Night Owl Cards had the same problem. Only he encountered it @ 3:30am, its now 9:15am! What's UP!?!??!? I have 18 code cards to enter and I would like to know which cards I'm going to get. I would really like to get a 1969 Aurelio Rodriguez...you know the one with a picture of the batboy instead of Rodriguez.

I guess I'll have to be patient and wait until the site is operating correctly. Good luck to all that have code cards and I look forward to reading what everyone got.

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