March 1, 2010

Mail Day.....

I recently sent some cards to Night Owl to help him complete his 2010 Topps 1 set. In return he sent me some Tigers cards. Most of them I did not have so I was very excited when I opened them, including 10 of the 13/14 cards needed to complete the 2010 Topps Tigers set. I already have one but I'm going to complete one for my step-son. Here is a sample of the cards.....

I had this card at one time but my step-son wanted it, so I gave it to him. I was glad to see this card again.

Rick Porcello.....what more can I say! Between him and Verlander, the Tigers should have an excellent pitching foundation to continue to build around.

2010 Upper Deck Fu-Te Ni...I won't be completing this set but I like Ni on our pitching staff!

2007 Upper Deck Nate Robertson. I WILL be trying to complete this team set. I've noticed alot of the Tigers cards, the pictures were taken during the playoffs. All the cards are in excellent shape! Thanks again to Greg over @ Night Owl for sending me these cards. I am in the process of creating a want list and am willing to trade cards. That's it for now!!!

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  1. Hey, thanks for the 2010s! Glad that smattering of Tigers worked for you.