May 21, 2010

1 in 11,000 & a contest!!

A couple of days ago, I was bored so I ended up buying 3 packs of Topps Series 1 cards. There were about 10 packs in the box and I thought, "What the heck!! Maybe I'll pull a MCG card." Well, not only did I pull an MCG but I pulled something pretty neat!! The title of this post says it all. Those are the odds in getting what I got. I pulled a HOF buyback card of....

When I first saw the card I thought it was one of those cards your mother threw out(original back) but it seemed different. It wasn't glossy and I looked at the back of the card again and realized it was an original Cal Ripkin Jr. and not a repod. I was stoked because I've made several trade offers for this card on the MCG site to no avail. Now it's mine!!!

Now I'm ready for Series 2!!!

CONTEST - Big D over at Hey, That's Mine! is running an awesome contest....check it out here. If you don't already know, Big D makes his own custom cards and he is giving one away to the lucky winner. So check it out and don't forget to tell him I sent you!

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