July 31, 2010

Card Show Today....YIPEEE!!

Going to the monthly Card Show today with my step-son and wife. We are going to try and find the remaining cards he needs to complete his 2010 Topps set. Once he has a complete set, he likes for us to have a fantasy draft with them. Either we'll set them out by teams or sometimes he likes to separate them by positions. We then roll the dice to see who picks what teams we want to be. He usually likes us to pick ALL 30 teams, those are long drafts. We try to talk him into picking 3-5 teams each. Then we re-roll the dice to decide the draft order and we start picking. Each team has to have a player from each position, 5 starters, 3 relief pitchers, 1 or 2 closers (depends on how he's feeling that day) and a DH. He really gets into his fantasy drafts!!! My wife and I think it's great that he thinks of these things to do with his cards. He's been getting more & more into cards since we've been married. He's now starting to want more binders and supplies for his cards because he sees how I store my cards. This will probably be our day today...a little card show fun with my family!!

I'll post the results of our haul later.

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