July 10, 2010

Estate Sale!!!

I went to my first estate sale today. Well, not really my first but, it was the first time I've been to one just after it opened ad this is what I found! It was right around the corner from our house and it was advertised all week. I kept telling my wife that I was going and she said I wasn't allowed to bring "...any more junk into the house until I organized the junk I already had." I'm assuming she meant all the baseball cards I have scattered around the basement!

I left the house at 9:12 and if any of you have been to an estate sale right at open...it was a zoo!!! I walked in the first room and the first thing I saw was this box of cards. I thumbed through them and saw that most of them were from 1976. Not bad, then I saw a Tom Seaver and Jim Rice and the condition of the cards were excellent! (you can't go wrong with Hall of Famer's) I also noticed some hockey and football cards in the box. I don't collect them and I wasn't sure how much of the box consisted of them, but I picked up the box anyway. I looked around the rest of sale but I really couldn't concentrate while holding the box of cards. I just wanted to get home and sort through them. The price on the box was $25 and when I went to pay for them, I asked if they would take $20. It doesn't hurt to ask. The lady said, "How about $22?", so I took them.

Finally! I'm home with the cards and I can now see exactly what I have. Just knowing I have some '76 cards made me happy. Hopefully I can fill in some of the blanks in my set. I think the 3rd or 4th stack I pulled out, I found 2, well 3 of the best cards in the box. Do you see what I see??

Yep....next to each other were a 1969 Nolan Ryan aaannd not 1 but TWO 1970 Hank Aaron!! I let out a WOO HOO!!! and the wife asked if I found something good. By the way, she wasn't too upset that I bought some cards at the sale. I continued to sort the cards and by the time I was done, there were cards of 18 different HOFers. Most of them were cards from 1976 but hey...a HOFer is a HOFer!! the condition of the cards prior to 1976 were not the best but they weren't exactly terrible either. Here's the break down of cards that were in the box....

1967 - 4 cards
1968 - 5 cards
1969 - 37 cards
1970 - 15 cards
1971 - 53 cards
1972 - 2 cards
1976 - 449 cards

That's 565 baseball cards!!! Include the 5 cloth patch/sticker, 92 football, 243 hockey and 19 oddball cards...the total was 924 cards for $22. That's .023 cents a card. Not bad!! To me, it was a great find! Check them out!!


  1. That is terrific. I keep meaning to start going to estate sales/auctions, but am always too busy.

  2. NICE! Congrats. Very cool find. Especially the two Aarons. That's awesome.

  3. wow... congratulations... great find!

  4. Nice find and local too!!! 1970 Hank Aaron - awesome

  5. That's a sweet Nolan Ryan card in that last picture. Nice find