March 9, 2009

Mail Day!

Friday was a good, no scratch that, an excellent day to look in the mail box. It was stuffed with 3 bubble envelopes and best of all, a letter from the Detroit Tigers. I knew the bubble envelopes were from some ebay auctions I won but I wasn't sure what was in the envelope from the Tigers. I immediately opened the Tigers envelope and low and behold, it was a congratulations letter. I was just hired to work at Comerica Park during the 2009 Tigers baseball season!! Boy was I HAPPY!! I have been trying for several years to get a job there and I thought this year was going to be even harder with the way today's economy is, especially in Michigan.

As for the rest of the mail, more additions to my Detroit Tigers collection. I got a 2009 Turkey Red of Curtis Granderson and Miguel Cabrera, a 2009 Topps Legends of the Game Ty Cobb and a 2008 Ballpark Collection quad jersey of Granderson, Jeter, Furcal and Weeks. I wanted this card because how many cards are going to be made with a Granderson and Jeter game used jersey??


  1. Congratulations on your position with the Tigers at Comerica Stadium, I'm really exicited and pumped for you Bro.

  2. You have a way with words. Can't wait to read more

  3. how awesome!!! A job at Comerica Park!! What will you do there? I read your posts and I remember the excitement of my first Tiger game to see Kirk Gibson!!! I have his cards from his time with them. I have an autographed ball from him that I still look at every once in awhile.