March 13, 2009

Topps Black

Topps is probably my favorite brand mostly, because when I was a kid collecting cards, that was the only brand. I've been completing a set of Topps base since I returned to the hobby in 2005. Each year there seems to be something added to the set and this year is no different. Everyone in the blogosphere knows what Topps is doing with their blaster boxes this year. Not only do you get a Retired Legend Commemorative patch card (which I think are COOL!) certain boxes will have a variation of the base set. A couple of weeks ago we have seen the Topps Black cards at the store and now there is going to be a throwback version of the same set. These throwback cards will be made of a similar cardboard stock as the cards were made of years ago and they will carry the Topps throwback logo as well. I was fortunate enough to participate in a group break held by Dan at Grand Cards for the Topps Black. I received my package the other day and it was well worth it, especially since I pulled a patch card.

The cards are different than what I'm used to, but that's ok. They highlight the player's photo on a black background. This card of Reggie Abercrombe is my favorite photo of the set I've seen so far. I wonder if he was safe....Hmmm!?!?

Check out this card of Evan Longoria, which I got from the group break. It almost looks like he's flying!!

I have to include a's Justin Verlander's card.

All in all, I like these cards. Will I be able to complete a set, probably not, but to chase the few Tigers in Series 1 plus the commemorative patch, will have me wanting more of these. It's just one more way for Topps to get you to want and buy more of their product. Another thing about these cards.....they have a scent to them which I think is due to the abundance of black ink used to produce the cards.

I look forward to seeing the "throwback" version.

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