March 25, 2009

Why Topps.....Why??

I was opening a Target "Throwback" box last week and I was getting a little annoyed. It seemed like every pack I opened, not all the cards in the pack were facing the same direction. What I'm saying is that I probably had to turn the cards around 3-4 times to get all 10 cards in order. However, I did come across 2 packs in the box where every card was in order. If Topps can do this for 2 of the 10 packs, why can't they do it for all the packs. This isn't something new...I remember back in the '70's they were doing the same thing. The only difference is that the cards seemed to be divided in two. The top half of the pack, the cards were all facing the same direction. Then the gum and the bottom half of the pack, the cards were upside down. At least back then I only had to turn the cards once to get them all facing the same direction.

Does anyone else find it annoying that all the cards are not facing the same direction or is it just me and why are they wasting a card in the pack with the Toppstown cards?!?!? Talk about accumulating doubles!

Well that's it for now....I'll have more later and sorry for not posting anything in the week.


  1. Do they still put gum in the packs?

  2. Ha, yeah, I do find it annoying when cards aren't all lined up the same. Not sure why, because its not like it really requires much effort to turn them myself, but it'd still be nice. Must just have something to do with the printing process, I guess.