August 5, 2010

What I got at the card show....and No it wasn't the National!!

Last weekend I went to the monthly card show. I went with my stepson and wife. One of our goals was to find the missing cards my stepson needed to complete his set. So the first stop we made was to see Bob, he always has cards to complete sets and if they're not in the commons box, he'll bust a set for us. So I left my wife and stepson to look for his missing cards while I walked around to see what I could find. I did find a table where I picked up about 50+ cards for my '76 Topps set. Then I found a table that had a big box of Tigers priced at 10 cents a piece and a binder for a buck a card. Here are some of the cards I found...

Yep....Kellogg's 3D cards for a dime!! The other cards came out of the dollar binder. The Mantle card is a 1975 SSPC. I then found a table that had boxes of cards for a dollar each or 5 for $6. They had a lot of rookies and a nice selection. After searching the boxes this is what I found.

When I saw the '72 cards I was excited, since I think this is one of the nicest sets Topps has made. Then to find some of Hall of Famer's...I had to have them. Plus, I was missing the Schmidt card in my '78 set.

Overall, I was happy with what I got at the show. I ended up going back on Sunday to trade some cards with Bob and to pick up a bunch of the cards your momma threw out. I'm short a few and I'll be updating my want list hoping my fellow bloggers will help me complete the set.

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  1. Wow Kellogs cards for a dime!! You should have bought them all of every team. Everybody loves to trade for them would have been well worth it in the end.