May 8, 2011

Looking for some advice!

I know it's been a long time since I made a post but having a 5 month old and a crappy work schedule kind of put a limit on my posts. I enjoy reading everyone's blogs so keep up the great posts.

Now to the advice I'm seeking.....

We are trying to plan a short trip this summer and we want to go to a baseball game somewhere new. We've been to Jacob's Field, Camden Yards (which is a yearly trip we make because my sister lives close by) and Comerica Park (home field). I've been to The Ballpark in Arlington and my wife has been to The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati.

These are the places we've narrowed it down to.....

Kansas City, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Who has been to where and any suggestions which would be a great trip for a long weekend.

Thanks guys and gals! I look forward to hearing from all!


  1. I've been told by several that the stadium in Pittsburgh is the best in baseball. Haven't been there myself. Philly is pretty good.

  2. SI conducted a survey where readers ranked the stadiums. It was published in '08, so it doesn't have Target Field in it, but they ranked Pittsburgh the best on the list of cities you have as possibilities.

    MLB Ballpark Rankings

  3. Sorry that link didn't work. I wish you could edit your comments after you post them. I'll just copy/paste the URL here:

  4. I know I commented on this. I don't know where it went though.

    I also said that Pittsburgh would be best. It has the best stadium and there are great things to do in town. Check out the zoo and the Museum of Natural History while in town.

    KC also has a nice park. It is not crowded and cheaper than most. There is not as much to do in KC though. If you go to the zoo there make sure to buy a train ticket at the gate. It is built on a giant hill...